Wednesday, October 22, 2003

thats it! im switching to blurty for my future journaling needs...

Tuesday, October 21, 2003

hmmm yea so its deffinately been 20 days since i updated. and surprisingly ebough, not too much has happened. well lets see here...i got into a dumb fight with sheila but we made up soon after, got into many dumb fights wiht nathan and of course we made up soon after, my daddy is out to sae as usual, i talk to sammy alot more which is deff a good thing. had a couple of "no cock nights" with the girls. one of which ended with me and sam sitting in the parking lot of regal cinemas till 12:45 am waiting for shiela and alaina to get out of the coldest and longest movie ever! i talked to my once dear friend louis girafalco, which i must say was great to hear from him again. as a matter of fact he kinda inspired me to update this piece of shit journal, because i realized some people migfht actually read it. uhmmm.. hung out with breezy. saw texas chainsaw massacre with my bf.( i discovered how much of a pussy i am when it comes to scarey movies). oh yea..i went to a party and made new friends! plus got a shiny gold coin, and only sam and i know how to earn them and for all of you who dont know how, it sucks for u b/c only those people that earned them know how to do so! RIGHT SAM!? uh huh!! i also made it to a milestone in my life...behind the wheel...which means im like this --- close to getting my license! and i have discovered that even if i do everything right, ill always get yelled at for what my brother does wrong. and today i made a sweet ass mole day shirt and a gardener mole!! but for now this is the conclusion to my lovely little journal and hence it is the end of your insight into my lovely little life for tonight.. untill next time, i love you!<3 brit brat!

Friday, October 03, 2003

yo yo yo!!! lets see...i had fun today!!! YAYYY!! i went to school then to sheilas but sheila wasnt there and i hung out wiht nathan and RJ. then i came home to babysit, i straight up passed out for like 3 hours. i woke up and found out my bro was spending the night at his friends house, so I GOT TO GO OUT!!! i went to a party at brian marrs with sammy and shiela. then we eft and went back to sheilas. sam almost got in trouble. shit sucked...but she didnt so im happy..then i went to jon wards with nathan..i beat all the boys at video games cuz thats how i roll... then i drove to taco bell with my baby...he bought me some food and i drove home. thats all..
<3 britt

Wednesday, October 01, 2003

My milk shake brings all the boys to the yard,
and there like,
its better than yours,
damn right its beter than yours,
i can teach you,
but i have to charge!

you dont even realize how hott that song is...i like soo so much. its very catchy. i was in the shower and i decided to listen to one of the rap staions and that song came on..its called "milkshake" by kelis. and i was like damn...this shit is hott. so i made a post about it. uh huh.
<3 britt (again)
yesterday i watched "my fair lady" and i have decided to strive to be a mix between audrey hepburn and grace kelly. they are both gorgeous.! hmm i went to the park with nathan today, it was soo fun/cute. we played with a ball and he threw me over his shoulder and i almost made him moon the neighborhood. hahaha. i love him.yep
<3 britt

Monday, September 29, 2003

hmmmm... best day ever TIMES 3!! hung out wiht my baby from 12:20 till like 5:00...great fun. i was gonna hang out with someone else but "surprisingly" it didnt happen, oh well, no biggie i guess it just shows how sometings go. however i did get to hangout wiht breezy and i played wiht my kittys wiht her. fun!! hmm...i deff. failed a math test today and actually got phone calls from some friends. holy shit! haha. ok. im done.
<# britt

Sunday, September 28, 2003

nothing to say...nothing to do...no one prolly reads this...so i will not say anything. ha how do u like that for an entry?! shits hott!!
<3 britt

Saturday, September 27, 2003

ehh... WiLL SoMeOnE PoKE My eYE OuT PLeaSE??!! shitty day...wonderful day...all at the very same time, i love nathan and he knows it hopefully and all the reasons why, did some soul searching today and im not too sure what i found yet.
<3 brittany lee

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